Best service in Apple Mail to PST conversion is now achievable at home!

apple mail to pst conversion

If you choose to convert Apple Mail to PST using Mail Extractor Pro by USL software then you will not have anything to worry about. This software characteristically takes responsibility of the entire conversion process and also makes available a lot of luxury features, makes even the first-time user feel like an expert. It can be used at office as well as at home setting, since it is suitable for small as well as big conversion tasks.

apple mail to pst

Mail Extractor Pro is designed to convert Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, Apple Mail, MBOX and EML to PST file format.

Highly appreciated software for accurate mail conversion

The client testimonials of this software are proof of the high quality of service that this software provides. It is capable of processing all sorts of data in a short time. The process is simple, one has to begin by installing and opening this software. Then one has to choose apple mail, the entire database will be automatically selected. Then, all the folders would be displayed, the user is supposed to choose those that they want to convert, the empty  ones would be expelled automatically. Finally, after sending the command for the conversion one has to choose the folder for the output PST files.

Choose fast speed in Apple Mail to PST conversion

This software provides respite from lengthy Apple Mail to PST conversion procedures. One can save time by converting several files at once. This software would let the user convert several files at once, thereby saving time and energy. Not to mention, this service is applicable to all types of data.

Keeps Unicode data safe

Using an incapable software to process mail data can put the process as well as the data at risk. If you want to keep your confidential data safe then using this software would be the best choice as it is compatible with practically all types of data. Its compatibility with Unicode means that one can convert data with all sorts of contents without having to be concerned about its safety. This means that there would be no difficulty converting files which are in languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Direct conversion in mac

Unlike an ordinary software, this software would convert Apple Mail to PST in the mac device, so there is no compulsion to have to move the data to a windows device. This saves time and makes the  process less complicated, even a child can carry it out.

Keeps folder hierarchy intact

The hierarchy of the folders is important, since otherwise one would have to spend time frustratingly searching for files and folders. This software makes sure that the subfolders and folders are properly arranged in a sequential order.

It also makes sure that the metadata remains secure during the PST conversion. The same applies to nested messages and attachments too.

Auto-splits pst files

The large pst files would be difficult to process, you can choose the size into which you would like to split them before beginning the conversion. This makes storing data much more easy. Click on the link below to access this service now.

The link:

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